Weekly Snack Prep!

Hey everyone!

Can you believe that this, right here, was my very first blog idea?! Ever! And for me, its a pretty important one.. Weekly, kid-friendly snack prep!

I know, I know.. It sounds so silly! Why is this such a big deal?! Well, for me, it certainly is. There are so many great organic, non-gmo options at the store now and I love that – They are SO great to buy in a pinch! But otherwise, I really don’t like Gracie and Wyatt to eat a lot of processed foods which are chalk full of hidden sodium, bad fats and sugar. Yuck. Obviously there are days where we don’t have an option, however I find that to keep those days limited and to keep my sanity (and mom guilt) in check, I try to do a snack prep on the weekend or Monday mornings if schedules change.

I like to choose a variety of snacks that I know are as healthy as possible, easy to make (a lot of cross use ingredients and that I can make at the same time – Key! I don’t usually spend more than an hour or so in the kitchen!) and great for on-the-go. Usually breakfast cookies, mini muffins, no-bake bars, and frozen treats in the summer!

I’m going to take some super fun photos of these yummy treats but to be completely honest, my kitchen usually looks like a tornado hit it when I go into snack prep mode.. I’m a complete whirlwind, throwing things together, timers going off, dishes piling up, etc. and my husband is the first to turn on his heel when he walks in on me and the kids during these snack prep sessions. I try to tell him that a messy kitchen is a happy kitchen but I don’t think he is convinced yet.. The kids love it though because we’ll crank up the music and dance while we get all of our weekly baking in! All fun and games until it comes time for clean up.. Then the bribery comes into play! 😉


I’ve got a ton of my personal “go-to” recipes that I’ve adjusted to our tastes (and nutritional requirements) so I’m going to start with those. Then, each week I will try new recipes from tried and true, trusted sources in the health blog realm and test them out for you! If I am feeling adventurous I will come up with my own but mostly they are just my own variations of other recipes that are full of veggies, are nutritionally dense and I know my kids will like.

Also, it is a real struggle for me to actually measure stuff.. I’m completely fine with eyeballing my ingredients but most people follow directions to the exact measurements so I will be sure to include those for you!

Check in weekly for “kid tested, mama approved” options for you and your family! Try them out and tag us at #MOAMission and #InspireIgniteImpact with your experiences!

Cheers to happy, healthy kiddos!


(Note: Most times I will substitute my own ingredients and will be sure to let you know each time if I am reviewing another recipe!)

P.S. – Be sure to have plenty of glass or silicon storing options available! Also, reusable snack bags and stainless steel snack containers are amazing and don’t have any icky chemicals like BPA, BPS, Pthalates or Lead. Can you believe the stuff allowed in these products?! Ugh. But that is a whole other blog!

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